Community Builders NSW

The Grantseeker Manual is a comprehensive toolkit prepared by Community Builders NSW. It is a starter kit to introduce you to the basics of grantseeking, designed to support small to medium sized NGOs that may not currently have the capacity or resources to undertake effective grant seeking activities.

The manual provides step by step guidance on the process of seeking funds, from finding the right grant for you, to planning and presenting information about your project, writing your application, and ongoing engagement with the grantmaker.

The manual provides lots of great pieces of advice to help you produce successful funding applications. For example:

What’s the problem you’re trying to solve? What is the need for the piece of work? That doesn’t mean the need for your organisation. This is one of the most difficult things to remember! The grantmaker is not concerned with keeping your organisation ticking along and surviving. The grantmaker is concerned with the work that you are doing to benefit the community. So when you are thinking about issues, look at it from the perspective of someone who is not involved with your organisation. The problem is not that you can’t afford to pay the hiring fees for the kitchen in the community centre to provide cooking classes to low income families; the problem is that some low income families find it difficult to eat healthy, nutritious, inexpensive meals. You need the money to provide the solution to the problem. (Grantseeker Manual page 4)

While the Grantseeker Manual has been prepared in NSW, the topics and tips it contains are just as applicable in Queensland. If you are trying to find additional funding for your organisation or a particular project (and when are we not?!) then it is worth downloading this free guide and using it to assist you with your applications.

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