This information is provided to assist organisations/providers (organisations) that are required to demonstrate compliance with HSQF through certification against the Human Services Quality Standards.

HSQF User Guide - Certification - Disability Services Supplement (PDF, 678 KB) HSQF User Guide - Certification - Disability Services Supplement(DOCX, 474 KB) in now available. The guide has been updated to address changes in the Disability Services Regulation, now known as the Disability Services Regulation 2017.

Certification generally applies for direct service delivery to vulnerable people. The Human Services Quality Framework User Guide - Certification Version 6.0 (PDF, 2.5 MB) (updated January 2020) contains further detailed information about the service types that are required to demonstrate compliance through certification.

Certification is granted when an organisation has been assessed by an independent, third-party (known as a certification body) as meeting the standards. Certification indicates that standards are being met and that organisational performance is being enhanced through continuous improvement. Certification occurs over a three-year cycle and incorporates:

  • a certification/recertification audit
  • a mid-term maintenance audit conducted within 18 months of the certification decision.


A tool for reviewing processes and practices against the standards

A template plan to record and monitor actions for improvement


Answers to frequently asked questions about the requirements for auditors to notify the department of specific issues

For further information and to access more resources and tools for the HSQF certification go to the website.

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