This section looks at a range of issues associated with organisational performance.

Topics covered include strategic planning, measuring organisational performance, program evaluation and developing policy.

You may already be doing some form of planning and evaluation every day. Formalising the process will help you to improve what you do and make the process more useful and worthwhile. Strategic planning, monitoring, evaluation and policies are all critical factors which demonstrate that your organisation has a real commitment to continuous improvement, quality, effectiveness and efficiency, and can implement change positively and appropriately.

The Queensland branch of the Australasian Evaluation Society holds regular meetings, free talks and workshops across the State.

In this section you will find current news, resources and other information to assist non-profit community organisations with effective planning and evaluation.

The Gundoo Day Care Centre in Cherbourg have been working with the Indigenous Professional Support Unit from QCOSS over the last two years. They were recently featured in The First Nations Telegraph for their excellent visioning and planning workshops. Find out more: click here
Australia’s residential house prices rank among the highest in the world, and an increasing number of aspiring home owners are finding themselves locked out of the property market. One possible solution is to use urban planning policies, such as inclusionary housing, to boost the number of...
According to a report by Deloitte, the role of not for profits and non-government organisations in delivering services to many Australians is being compromised by an over-reliance on both external rules and self-imposed rules. Deloitte has found that the rules not for profits and NGOs place on...
A research study has found that managers within the not-for-profit (NFP) sector are more likely to leave than their counterparts in the broader workforce. Understanding how to retain the best leaders will help NFPs increase staff satisfaction across the organisation. FIND OUT MORE : For more...
The Queensland Government recently released a 30-year plan for the State, The Queensland Plan . Read the Community Door blog post about The Queensland Plan, or visit the official website .


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