As the first regional workshop, this workshop started with a discussion on the purpose and form of the co-design process and an overview of the response from community based organisations, departmental contract managers and other stakeholders to date.  Judith Rowell from the Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services gave an overview of progress from a departmental perspective, i.e. outcome measures about to be submitted for approval.   QCOSS framework was further developed to incorporate the service agreement negotiation process as occupying the space between funder perspective and organisational statement of service offering, and the case planning process as occupying the space between the organisational statement of outcome and individual and family goals/statements of need.  Both of these need to be negotiated with respect and with regard to local context.

Barb Crossing from Women's House Shelta presented a service specific perspective on evaluation and the measuring of outcomes in a domestic violence context - recently gathered from research and her own experience at Women’s House. 

Theresa Kellett from Save The Children Australia shared information on their experience on implementing and evaluating outcomes within their organisation.

The group activity focus was on crafting of organisational level outcomes statements.  

Read Barb Crossing's notes from Workshop Four.

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