Australia is becoming more culturally diverse and many Australian organisations need support to effectively manage the opportunities and challenges that this cultural diversity brings. Research demonstrates that organisations that manage cultural diversity well can expect to receive a host of benefits, including greater employee commitment and team performance, larger market share and better customer and client satisfaction.

Based on international best practice, the workplace cultural diversity tool is a 'how to' guide to workplace cultural diversity, designed to help employers make the most of a culturally diverse workforce.

The tool:

  • offers practical steps to effectively manage a culturally diverse workforce
  • lets organisations assess themselves against 30 measures of competence
  • provides a starting point for those considering a focus on cultural diversity
  • helps those committed to cultural diversity move towards best practice.

The tool is designed to be completed by a staff member with oversight and/or awareness of organisational planning, policies, recruitment and retention processes such as a senior manager, human resources manager or diversity officer.

Find out more: access the workplace cultural diversity tool.

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