The Department of Communities, Child Safety and Disability Services has released new publications to support the implemention of the Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF). The documents can be accessed under the Resources and Tools section of the HSQF website. The documents that have been updated or added are the HSQF user guide, self-assessment guide, workbook and continuous improvement plan.

HSQF User Guide

The new version of the HSQF User Guide outlines the evidence requirements for all funding streams and is an essential resource for service providers required to demonstrate compliance with the Human Services Quality Standards through certification or self-assessment. As you are aware, the guide was developed in collaboration with service providers and peak bodies to consolidate the requirements of the department’s different funding streams and services types into a single document.  The evidence requirements outlined in the guide are based on legislative, regulatory, policy and contractual obligations that should be familiar to all providers, as relevant to the type of services they are funded to deliver.

To ensure a smooth transition for service providers currently preparing for a HSQF audit, providers will have until 31 December 2015 to become familiar with the new version of the User Guide.  Providers of child protection placement services in-scope of licensing will continue to need to demonstrate compliance with legislative requirements and other requirements detailed in the Licensing Companion Guide during this transition period.  The new version of the guide replaces the  User Guide (Version 2) and the Child Safety Licensing Companion Guide (Version 3) which are available as archived copies under Previous Framework Versions web page .  

Self-assessment guide, workbook and continuous improvement plan

A set of updated tools to help service providers understand and implement the self-assessment and continuous improvement process is now available.  Three companion documents, including a self-assessment tool and a continuous improvement plan template are designed to provide practical assistance to providers preparing to undertake the self-assessment process. These templates have been published in a Microsoft Word format for easy use by service providers.

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