Grantseekers are applying for smaller numbers of grants, and have called on funders for greater support through both multi-year grants and grants covering core operational costs, according to the latest research report from the Australian Institute of Grants Management (AIGM).

The survey is said to be Australia’s biggest study of grantseeker behaviour and attitudes, with more  than 1,350 people responding to the 2015 survey.

The survey found that more than 61 per cent of grantseekers applied for five grants or fewer during 2015. This finding continues a recent trend: the 2013/14 survey found that 54 per cent of grantseekers applied for between one and five grants in the preceding 12 months, and 2012 the figure was 45 per cent.

Almost a third of grantseekers say funders are offering fewer multi-year grants than they used to. And 41.5 per cent say there’s been a fall in the number of grants towards supporting core operating costs.

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