The Australian Government has passed legislation that establishes a national tax deductible fund for neighbourhood houses. This has been done by the inclusion of Australian Neighbourhood Houses & Centres Association (ANHCA) Inc into the table of specific welfare and rights recipients in the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997.

Over the next few months ANHCA will establish the mechanism to provide a national fund which will enable neighbourhood centres through ANHCA, to:

  • Take donations for which the donor or philanthropic body wishes to claim a tax deduction; and
  • Apply for grants provided by philanthropic bodies and foundations which require DGR (tax deductibility) status

This doesn’t mean centres should not pursue Public Benevolent Institution (PBI) status independently. ANHCA and state peak bodies will continue to lobby for access to PBI status for Neighbourhood Centres. In the meantime the ANHCA fund will provide a much needed and previously denied avenue and opportunity for fundraising.

FIND OUT MORE: Read the full ANHCA media release here.

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