VAKS is a voluntary network of community organisations and groups who offer sustenance via Vans and Kitchens.

Often known as 'soup kitchens', Vans and Kitchens are places where food and drink is offered to the homeless and disadvantaged for free or at a reasonably low price. Commonly run by church groups or community groups they are often staffed by volunteers, and are usually located where needs are highest.

The VAKS website provides a ‘one-stop-shop’ resource for anyone seeking information about a van or kitchen. It has been constructed for ease of use by anyone needing to know the when, where, what and who of a van or kitchen, and has been designed with users, providers, welfare agencies, public organisations and the general public in mind.

It also offers a loose-knit forum and a common point of contact for providers,with the added advantage of being a notice board for information and updates.

For more information visit the VAKS website.

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