Seek independent professional advice on all matters related to the property acquisition, design, planning requirements, legal issues, costs and risks so that you are as informed as possible before the consortia makes any decisions to acquire or modify property for a MTSC.

Assuming that the project is being managed and funded by the State government, actively involve key government agencies such as the Asset Management and Capital Works branch. This is essential to managing the risks involved in acquiring the property and obtaining input on building availability, design and budgeting in the initial stages. The agencies involved need to be consulted to identify and gain a good understanding of their needs related to the facility (ie the amount of space required by each agency, and the facilities, services and equipment required).

Assist in identifying potential sites for the MTSC, based on relevant criteria and the location and space requirements of the partner agencies (see Step 5 in Guidelines and resources for NGOs). A comprehensive tool for selecting co-location sites and financing options can be found at:


Box B4: Challenges and issues in acquiring the right building site

  • Finding suitable properties for purchase or lease can be difficult, depending on factors such as the local real estate market.
  • Negotiations on the sale of buildings can become protracted. When the process is drawn out, the cost of buildings and refurbishment can escalate considerably, especially if there has been a rapid and significant increase in real estate prices.
  • A purpose built building may better met the needs of some consortia. However, this may not be feasible if budgets are too low.

Identify and hire a design consultant and help them to develop a good understanding of the needs of the partner agencies regarding the building and its fit out. Form an effective working relationship with this consultant.

Collaboratively develop a design brief for the building in consultation with the consortium and other agencies (for example the Department of Housing or Assets Management branch).

Build funding relationships with other relevant departments and agencies.

Assist the consortium to undertake a full analysis of costs, benefits and financial impact of the initiative. It is important to fully cost and resource MTSC projects to ensure success.

Assist the consortium to prepare a funding proposal for the establishment of the MTSC and either the construction and fit out of a new building or the refurbishment of an existing building.

Assist in seeking sponsorship and support from local businesses and others.


Box B5: Some financial and cost considerations

  • MTSC projects take much longer and cost much more than is often planned for at the outset and this needs to be built into the project.
  • Provision needs to be made for the costs of depreciation and maintenance, and for resources to assist consortia members and provide training over a long period.
  • The up front financial issues for participating organisations such as meeting relocation costs that are not funded by the project also need to be considered.
  • Sufficient investment in communication and information technology for sharing records and information, networking and communication and improving efficiency and productivity is also necessary.



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