Evaluation methods
Multiple methods were used in the evaluation of the MTSC Pilots Project including:

  • Participation in various teleconferences with Department of Communities (DoC) staff during 2007 and preparing notes of these discussions.
  • Analysis of questionnaires distributed by email to DoC and other government staff and consortium members from October 2007 to January 2008.
  • Participation in meetings with DoC staff and MTSC management committee members at Toowoomba and Caboolture in February 2008.
  • Conducting two hour group discussions in the three pilot sites in May 2008.
  • Conducting in-depth face to face and phone interviews and discussions of up to one hour with six participants in the three pilot sites from May - June 2008 (three DoC staff and three consortia members).
  • Searches and reviews of reports, case studies and other literature, conducted from January - March 2007 and from May - June 2008.
  • Examining the business cases for the three MTSCs, draft governance and policy documents, minutes of teleconference meetings with head office and regional DoC staff, and other relevant materials.
  • Preparing detailed case studies of the three pilot sites which drew on the above evaluation data and documentation.
  • Obtaining feedback on the case studies and other data and draft guidelines for establishing MTSCs from DoC staff, consortia members and a consultant.

Number of participants and questionnaire response rate

The table below shows the number of questionnaires that were emailed to DoC staff and consortium members in each pilot site and the number that were completed and returned.


 No. of q’naires sent  No. of q’naires returned
   Government Consortia
 Government  Consortia
 Brisbane  9  -  8  -
 Caboolture  3  4  3  3
 Toowoomba  4  3  2  3
 Mackay  5  12  1  6
 Total  21  19  14


Two questionnaires from DoC regional staff in Toowoomba and Mackay were a combined
response from two staff members. Taking this into account, the response rate for
Government staff was 76%. One of the questionnaires from the Caboolture consortia was
also a combined response from two people. Taking this into account, the response rate for
consortia members was 65%.

The table below sets out the number of DoC regional staff and consortia members who took
part in the group discussions held in late May 2008.


 DoC staff Consortia
Total no. of
 Caboolture  1  7 8
 Toowoomba  2  3  5
 Toowoomba  2  4  6
 Total  5 14

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