Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the department or main funding body. Who is leading the project (i.e. head office or regional staff) also needs to be made very clear at the outset. This is critical to success. The department’s agendas and goals related to the program through which funding is provided also need to be very clear to everyone involved.

Clarify the roles and responsibilities of the project manager and the project coordinator if they are two separate people. Such projects require the involvement of staff with local knowledge and credibility who are dedicated and committed to making the project work.

Develop clear communication, feedback and reporting strategies, including a stakeholder communication plan. The aim is to create streamlined and open communication and linkages between all the organisations involved. It is important that all of
the agencies work from a common and shared understanding of all the issues relevant to the project.

Box B1: Useful communication strategies

  • For projects managed by a government department, undertaking regular monthly reporting between regional and head office staff via phone conferences can facilitate the sharing of ideas and strategies for success.
  • Hold regular meetings with consortium members to discuss issues and enable them to get firm answers to their questions. Listen to them well and encourage them to openly share their concerns.
  • Encourage the development of service networks and linkages which support coordination of NGOs in the community with parallel coordination within government and planning bodies.

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