Step 1: Identify champions, leaders and local community needs and service systems  
 Identify a strong lead agency or champion and key project leaders  
 Conduct initial research into local community needs and services  
 Step 2: Identify potential partners and seek initial funding and resources  
 Bring the key agencies together at an inter-agency forum  
 Develop an initial strategic vision for the MTSC  
 Apply for funding for a project coordinator or other support and resources required  
 Step 3: Assess the level of fit between agencies and develop and formalise the partnership  
 Assess the fit between the potential partners and their level of commitment to the process  
 Form a coordinating committee that will steer the process  
 Identify a strong leader and facilitator to chair meetings  
 Develop an initial vision and mission and document this  
 Develop an initial partnership agreement or MOU  
 Step 4: Begin the project planning and needs assessment process  
 Conduct a needs assessment and organisational mapping  
 Analyse the benefits and costs in developing the partnership and the proposed MTSC  
 Conduct an initial risk assessment  
 Develop an action plan for the whole project  
 Break the action plan into various sub-plans and form sub-committees around them  
 Step 5: Develop the operational vision and collaboration model and consult those affected  
 Identify a shared operational vision, mission and goals for the MTSC  
 Investigate and assess various collaboration models  
 Decide on the most appropriate collaboration model  
 Research and assess possible governance models  
 Develop a business case for the MTSC  
 Consult staff, volunteers, and others who will be affected by the arrangement  
 Provide clear information to staff, volunteers and management committee members about the benefits of the collaboration  
 Conduct effective team building and ongoing relationship strengthening of the agencies  
 Step 6: Identify service needs, property and building requirements and secure funding  
 Seek independent professional advice on all property acquisition, design, planning requirements, and legal matters, costs and risks


 Identify space, facilities, and other needs related to the facility  
 Begin identifying potential properties  
 Undertake a full analysis of costs, benefits and financial impact of the MTSC  
 Hire a consultant to develop a design brief and concept plan  
 Develop and submit the funding proposal for the MTSC  
 Seek sponsorship and support from local businesses and others  
 Step 7: Find an appropriate location and property and develop the design concept  
 Identify and select potential locations and properties for the MTSC  
 Collaborate on the building design planning and construction process  
 Step 8: Building or renovating the property and planning the re-location  
 Ensure the needs of all partners are well met in the building or renovation process  
 Plan the re-location process  
 Step 9: Develop governance, administrative and other systems and policies  
 Develop and document the governance model  
 Hold a workshop that results in a clear document on the structure and functionality of the MTSC and how staff and others will interact  
 Develop a more detailed MOU between the partner agencies  
 Review and revise the risk management plan  
 Develop administration, client management and finance systems  
 Develop an initial policies and procedures manual  
 Step 10: Develop and implement the monitoring and evaluation process  
 Develop a realistic and effective process for the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the outcomes and performance of the MTSC and the processes used  
 Include reflections on process, planning and implementation in regular meeting agendas  
 Document the explicit objectives you want to achieve and revisit them at each meeting  
 Step 11: Developing change management and communication systems  
 Plan and implement the change management process in more detail  
 Hold training sessions on change management  
 Design and implement an appropriate communication strategy
 Establish feedback loops between workers  
 Step 12: Foster collaboration and community and plan for sustainability and success  
 Hold informal social functions  
 Conduct a further visioning, critical reflection and planning workshop  
 Develop long-term business plans for financial administration and sustainability of the centre  
 Develop strategies to improve the sustainability and success of your MTSC and its systems and processes  
 Jointly plan future projects and activities  

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