Important note:
You should seek independent professional advice on property matters from an architect or real estate professional, for example, to ensure that you fully understand property acquisition processes and options, design implications and processes, legal and planning requirements, and the full costs and risks involved. This will ensure that you are as informed as possible before you make any decisions to acquire or modify property for a MTSC.

Identify needs related to the facility. This includes the amount of space required by each agency, and the facilities, services and equipment required. You will need to balance the particular needs of each agency for visibility, privacy and security and to ensure that all needs can be met. This is an important step in the process and adequate time needs to be devoted for it.

Begin identifying potential properties, using the criteria detailed in step 7. The preferred location for a MTSC is usually one which is:

  • in a central location such as the central business district or a place where people in the target groups normally gather
  • has access to reliable and frequent public transport
  • close to other services.

Hire a consultant with a good understanding of the needs of the partner agencies regarding the building and its fit out to develop a design brief and concept plan.

Use the design brief to prepare a funding proposal.

Submit the funding proposal for the MTSC and the construction and fit out of the building or the refurbishment of an existing building. If the project is not funded by the State government, the lead agency or the consortium could potentially purchase or lease the building in which the services will be housed.

Seek sponsorship and support from local businesses and others.


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