Shelley Dunlop, Queensland Council of Social Service

You may have seen the Network Spaces tab at the top of the Community Door site. You may even think Network Spaces is actually Community Door, a common assumption since the whole of Community Door used to be that green colour.

So what is Network Spaces and why would you want to use it?

Network Spaces is an online space for the community services sector in Queensland. It is similar to a social media site, and allows you to connect with other people in the sector who work in the same area as you, are a part of your network, or have the same interests.

Network Spaces is free, easy to use and anyone can join. Below you will find a brief introduction on how to use the site.

Network Spaces

Joining Network Spaces 

Firstly, click on Sign up in the green header bar and enter your details.

Sign up to Network Spaces

An administrator will approve your request and you will receive an email once your registration has been approved. This email will give you a link, click on the link to log in for the first time and set your password.

Logging in to Network Spaces

Every time you visit Network Spaces you can click on the Log in link in the main green header bar, enter your email and the password you set, and you will be taken to your personal home screen

Logged in to Network Spaces screen

Joining networks that interest you

By browsing the Networks by Region or Networks by Topic headings in the green menu bar, you can explore networks that interest you. Click on 'Request network membership' to join that group

Children and families networks

Being part of a network

Once you have requested membership of a network, the group manager will approve your request and you will get a confirmation email. Then you will be able to access the information, posts, events and files in that group.

You will also be able to make posts, add events, add files and make comments yourself.

By default, you will receive daily digest emails of any new posts, events or files in any of the networks that you have joined. You can change these settings (to individual emails, weekly digests or no emails at all) in your profile settings, accessed through the 'My account' link in the green header bar.

When you are a member of a network, the network page will give you an overview of the activity in that group. Note that you can add a new post by clicking on the link at the top. You can see the posts in the main pane, and at the right you can see events highlighted in the events calendar.

Ipswich Early Years Network

You can also use a Network Space to share files and documents within the group. Many groups use this function to keep an easily accessible record or minutes, agendas, notes and flyers.

Network Space file cabinet function

If you have any questions just use the contact us form. The Network Spaces administrators will be happy to set up a new network for your group, or help you to join established networks.

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