Rachel Drew, Mamre Association
Rachel Drew, Director, Mamre Association

Mamre Association is a Brisbane based non-profit organisation supporting families which have children with a disability.  Mamre believes that people with a disability and their families can have rich, full and meaningful lives within their communities and is committed to working with families in partnership to inspire, embolden and empower towards a better future.

Rachel Drew, Director of Mamre shared her experiences in preparing for and going through the HSQF audit process.

“We found the new framework simpler, clearer and less onerous than the previous process and the preparation time for audit was less. I liked the fact that there are only six standards compared to ten under the previous system, and the difference between the indicators was clearer so it was easier to work out where you needed to put particular pieces of information.

“I used the Self Assessment workbook to prepare and that was the best thing I could have done. The workbook was easy to follow with good examples and it really helped us identify areas for continuous improvement. I still use it today.

“The auditor gave us some good feedback and he came with a level of understanding on new approaches to process and policy. He also really listened to our feedback.

“Overall we found the audit to be a really valuable experience.”

Rachel’s top tips for preparing for the audit process:

  • Have good policies and practices in place and review them regularly.
  • Think of the audit process as an internal process for self-reflection and continuous improvement. It’s not about finding fault.
  • Make quality part of your culture. Responsibility sits with everyone in your organisation.
  • Get buy-in from all staff. Everyone should know what their role is and how it links to the bigger picture.
  • Provide regular, practical training on policies and procedures.

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