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Are you looking to build on your existing skills or finesse your knowledge in aspects of the community services sector during the new year? Late last year we refreshed and updated our most popular courses on the Community Door eTraining suite, making early 2020 the perfect time to engage in some professional development. 

Whether you are a brand new or returning user, it's totally free to take a look and find a course suitable for you. You can start and complete them at your own pace.

Here are some of our topic areas:

Strengthening non-government organisations

Originally produced by the Brisbane North Institute of TAFE, this eLearning program was developed to provide non-government organisations across the Disability Services, Youth and Youth Justice Services, and Community Services sectors with a set of accredited teaching resources covering common core areas, with a strong focus on workplace issues.

You can find units covering responsible behaviour, participation, holistic responses to client issues, legal and ethical frameworks, working with diverse people, workplace mentoring, and many more. 

The social service sector in Queensland

If you are looking to change careers and enter the social services sector, simply find out more about managing your organisation, or research around Queensland's Human Services Quality Framework (HSQF), these introductory courses might be just what you need to get started.

Embracing diversity in early childhood education

Cultural awareness and its impact on our interactions with young children are a key consideration in this area, with units looking at work with interpreters, cross-cultural communication and acknowledgement of country. 

Cultural integrity

In one of our most popular study areas, cultural considerations are in the spotlight. The tasks have been designed to support you to learn some facts around and perspectives of the lives of people from various cultures, the meaning of cultural identity, and effective ways to communicate in culturally considerate ways. 


This module focuses on governance within community service organisations, and the considerations you may face day to day. New Committee or Board members may find this content particularly useful.

More resources

Still hungry for more resources? Take a look around Community Door - you'll find a wealth of resources and information to keep your goals on track during the new year.

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